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Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2016 now available!

The new version of Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2016 has launched end of August 2015. If your support license is current you can download and install this at no additional charge from the Intel Registration Center

You will find some blog postings about some new features and new free tools.

Reservoir Simulator Software


Actually, I am a petroleum engineer, I am going to modify one open source reservoir simulator. To compile the original simulator I use the win 7, 32bit, VS 2008, Intel(R) Visual Fortran Compiler Integration  11.1.3470.2008  : There are two solutions: 1: API to build library on HDF5 2: Simulator 

However I can build the API (without error), I can not run it and I face this error ( I am not sure if it is necessary to run it or just building is enough):

GDB fast tracepoint on the Xeon Phi


I am currently trying to use GDB fast tracepoint on the Xeon Phi, and I am running into some difficulties. I am using MPSS 3.4.5, and Intel parallel studio 2015. I have tried to use the library available with Parallel Studio 2015 and I have used gdbserver and that I have compiled from the MPSS 3.4.5 source.

INFO: CPU type "Broadwell" is unknown, generic x64 CPU registers will be used.

Previous usage of ISS-2015 System Debugger worked OK with my BroadIsland(Broadwell cpu) target board.

INFO: Probe connection initialized!   INFO: Connected to Processor type: Broadwell (4 threads) INFO: Initialization complete.

execution stopped by "MWAIT C1 B break"

THEN, installation of ISS-2016 System Debugger is having trouble recognizing Broadwell cpu.

INFO: CPU type "Broadwell" is unknown, generic x64 CPU registers will be used. INFO: Initialization complete.

PLEASE HELP me understand this message?



Console for DLL in non-console forms application

Have you ever been in the position of having written a DLL that is incorporated into a Windows Forms application that has no console window....
... and all the diagnostic trace code requires console output.

While it is simple to create a console inside your code of the DLL, what do you do when the error your are trying to trace out occurs at DLL load time prior to entry into Main of your forms application?

Does 32-bit 2013 Intel Fortran have an idb?

I have this:

Intel(R) Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013 SP1 Update 3 Integration for Microsoft Visual Studio* 2010, 14.0.0092.2010, Copyright (C) 2002-2014 Intel Corporation


I would like to use a 3rd party IDE (Winteracter) to invoke the debugger.  Is there supposed to be an idb file in this release?  Please let me know.  Thank you.




No Symbol xxx in current context for my fortran parameters?


I'm using the Intel Debugger for the first time, Version 13.0, on Redhat Linux.  I am debugging a fortran program and noticed that none of my parameter declarations can be evaluated.  If I mouse over, the popup doesn't appear and if I drag, for example, mxld into an Evaluation window, the Value field says, "No symbol "mxld" in current context.  The source code was compiled using ifort with the -g option (among others). Variables evaluate just fine.  How do I get my parameters to evaluate?

Target did not halt execution.


I have a problem with debugging an Intel Core processor. My hardware is listed below:

1. Intel Core i3-4130 (Haswell) Processor

2. ITP-XDP 3BR Kit 


I think I have assemled a testing PC proper, because it loads OS and work normally. But when I try to connect to the PC throw Intel System Debugger I see:

I2C recovery Ignore

Hi all,


I am working on development of a customized android tablet based on intel Baytrail-T.


In the above project we are facing a issue due to I2C.

Here is the step by step scenario of the issue:

1-Power on the board and let it boot to the android GUI.

2-Press the power button for some time and then power off the board from the Android Gui.

3-Now power on the board without disconnecting the power supply.


Then the board gets stuck and we get the beow logs continously.


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