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PTP / IEEE1588 Support

We are looking to implement PTP on Windows with hardware timestamping from Intel cards.

It appears that Windows does not have a standard mechanism to obtain the 1588 hardware timestamps from the Intel NIC like Linux does. However, it seems that real-time-systems have been able to gain access to this info in some way: http://www.real-time-systems.com/rts-ieee-1588-precision-time-protocol-now-available-for-all-windows-versions.html

Where Can We Post What We Think Are Developer's Manual Errata?

What are the proper channels for reporting what we believe are errors we find in the Intel 64 and IA-32 Software Developer's Manuals?

While I realize they aren't intended as primary tutorial sources for beginners, errors here can still lead to a lot of confusion.

Some trivial examples:

Volume 1, Section 1.3.1 "Bit and Byte Order", Figure 1-1 "Bit and Byte Order" -- shouldn't the 32 in the picture be a 31?

I know I saw others, but the only one I can find right now turns out just to be written in a confusing manner, not a real error.


Couldn't find an better place (at least in the languages I can read ;^)) to post this, so sorry if it's a bit of a tangent for this forum...

What's the deal on Hyperscan/Chimera?  I see Intel web pages on it, but can't find documentation and/or product/download.  It's often referenced with DPDK but I can't find anything in the usual DPDK sources.  Since the software (mostly?) existed when Intel bought SensoryNetworks I'm thinking that it's not vaporware so something real should exist, but I can't find any more about it then some simple Intel brochures, etc...

Looking for a Mentor.

Hi there. Wasn't really sure where to post this. I'm currently a CS student attending Regis University (online) and I was looking for someone to mentor/tutor me. Maybe bounce some ideas off them on different assignments/topics within my classes etc.

We are coding in C++ and using Visual Studio 2013.

Thanks so much!


moderation queue

Is there a way to check our posts which are pending moderation?  I suppose it's understandable that moderation could take 3 days or longer, but it would be useful to be able to confirm whether posts are still pending or entirely lost.


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