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Best CPU for intensive programming and comprarisions with Integers with VS.Net


I'm in a company working in software that involves a lot of managing and operating with integers, it also requires constant comparisions between them. (jagged arrays full of integers that must be browsed quite a lot, comparing and operating them) Right now we are coding with <b>VS2013.Net C#<\b> (I know is not the best but... I can't choose). What might happen is that we change later on to make a small library with some core coding in C++ and other compiler, but thats a maybe far in the future...

I made a program to change user resolution.

Language is as follows. 

=> c, c++ , mfc


i have control by my app as follows,

=> back porch, front porch, scan speed, resolution etc


I have the drive to want to know i can control.


My applicationis not the CustomModeApp.exe .


I made a program porch, resolution, and want to control.


I wonder if ms visual studio 2013(c, c++, mfc) to create 


Please tell us how.


cpu => intel i5-4670 

graphic => intel HD 4600



cannot install updated intel display driver on HP laptop

hey, new here!

windows 7, SP1

hp pavilion dv7 7135us   with intel HD 4000 graphics


using the intel driver update, there is a much newer driver for HD 4000.    but the HP laptop refuses to let me install, saying it is not approved by HP and i must try to get it from HP.   but HP does not have it.    

Intel Architecture Code Analyzer Error

Hi everyone,

I am new here and it is my first post on this forum.

I just started using intel Architecture code analyzer (IACA) and when I tried to run it I had the following error as output:

"Initialization failed"

I looked in the Intel Documentation but I didn't find this error in their List.

Any kind of help will be really appreciated.

Many Thanks,


pass address to asm block


I would like to implement some AVX code manually using an asm block inside a function/program.

My question is the following : How do I pass an address from the standard C code to the asm block ? There is an example thereafter. I want to load the array 'a' and 'b' to registers, do an AVX add and then store back the result to the array 'c'. I know I could use avx intrinsics, it works that way but I would like it working using asm blocks.

rdrand failing on i7-4960x

I verified that it is supported on this chip by issuing CPUID, EAX=1, and find bit 30 set in ECX. However, when trying the loop below, RAX and CF are zeroed on first call and stay zero forever. I tried same code on an I7-4770K and it works fine, native and in a Hyper-V VM running on that system.

Does anyone know why this wouldn't work on the 4960x? Is something needed to kickstart the hardware rand generator?


top: rdrand

       jnc top




PTP / IEEE1588 Support

We are looking to implement PTP on Windows with hardware timestamping from Intel cards.

It appears that Windows does not have a standard mechanism to obtain the 1588 hardware timestamps from the Intel NIC like Linux does. However, it seems that real-time-systems have been able to gain access to this info in some way: http://www.real-time-systems.com/rts-ieee-1588-precision-time-protocol-now-available-for-all-windows-versions.html

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