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Intel RDX Documentation

I am looking for something historic possibly. I am looking for a file that the Google/Bing machines could not turn up, RDX302.EXE. This should contain all the documentation/code examples for the Intel Realistic Display miXer (RDX) technologies. If some one has this or another version in their historic archieves that would be sincerely appericated! Thanks!


Great News - New Samsung 10" tablets will have Intel chips!

The 10-inch model is the first Android-powered Samsung tablet to use an Intel processor. That's a significant win for the Santa Clara, Calif., chipmaker...

A weblink to the article is here:



Advancing your career

So I started my first Software Development job 6 years back for a big bank in Dubai. Was already a hobbyist coder back in college. I can say I got to do work on very complex projects, delivered everything on time, met impossible deadlines. I came in as a .net developer but as project requirements varied, I learned PLSQL (Oracle Forms/Reports) and PHP (Zend Framework). Projects included things like data entry to data warehousing, financial reporting. Integration of systems with vendor products using web services. 

Problem with Post Editor related to 'Disable rich-text' and 'Enable rich-text' feature

There is a problem with Post Editor related to 'Disable rich-text' and 'Enable rich-text' feature. Take a look at screenshot and it is very easy to reproduce the problem:

- Select a forum

- Select a thread

- Start switching 'Disable rich-text' and 'Enable rich-text' ( do this many times ) and you should see what happens


Here are Five High Priority IDZ problems to fix as soon as possible

Here are Five High Priority IDZ problems to fix as soon as possible:

Forum Topic: A problem with a left-arrow character in the editor - When is it going to be fixed?
Web-link: http://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/topic/334236

Forum Topic: IDZ website functionality 'Mark all topics read' doesn't work
Web-link: http://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/topic/377043

Subject line of IDZ notifications is not good

I am subscribed to many IDZ forums and the notifications that I receive fill a big part of my mailbox every day. Sadly, I cannot guess the subject of the notification email by the first words of the subject line. Every subject line begins with a standard part like 'New comment for ' and eats up all the space of the email list panel of MS Outlook. The informative part goes last. To understand what the emails are about I have to show each email in the reading panel, or change the layout of the email client to give more space to the subject lines. This is not convenient.

Some posts in IDZ forums are marked as New Posts even if there are No any new posts

Some posts in IDZ forums are marked as New Posts even if there are No any new posts. For example:

Web-link: software.intel.com/en-us/forums/topic/296046

As you can see a last post was made some time in 2009. Please investigate and thanks.


Read core temps and controling multiplier via CLI

I was directed here to inquire if anyone knew how to control the multiplier of Core i7's via some form of command line application.  The XTU works just fine to control the multiplier, but it doesn't do so automatically or via the command line.  I need a way to programatically detect CPU temperature and set the multiplier to maintain a goal temperature.

Is there any documentation/SDK out there to help?

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