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What exactly are you supposed to time? More specifically, do you include init and cleanup routines and the reading of the file?The instructions seem to imply that you measure the whole thing (including init, etc.). Is this correct?

Special Notice: Extending the Problem Work Period for Master and Apprentice Problem 2

Special Notice: Extending the Problem Work Period for Master and Apprentice Problem 2

The Threading Challenge 2011 Team will be extending the problem work period for Master and Apprentice Problem 2. In addition, the problem work period for Problem 3 will be changed. See details on the Main Contest Forum.

Steps for Uploading your Code File Entries for Threading Challenge 2011

In the past, someThreading Challenge participants have experienced problems uploading their code file entries to the Threading Challenge. Sometimes, we receive entries with no codefileattached. We've created a brief slide set on the Steps to Upload your Threading Challenge code entries. Click here to Review.

Hope this is helpful.

Reminder: One Week to Go for Apprentice Problem 1 - Maze of Life

We know that you are putting your full effort toward developing your threading solution for Apprentice Problem 1, Maze of Life. Just a reminder, you have one week to go to submit your entry code. Don't forget to upload your code entry by 12:00 Pacific Daylight Time, on Monday, May 9, 2011. Remember, you can get up to an additional 25 points by submitting comments to the Threading Challenge 2011 forums.

Good Programming!

Threading Challenge 2011 Team


To clarify, it would seem that, unlike in the original Game of Life, where all cells act in the same turn, there are two turns within each turn of the Maze of Life. The BLUE cell (player) makes its move, then 'acts' (die, live) all in one half of each round. After the BLUE cell is accounted for, then the rest of the cells 'act'.This is a divergence from the original Game of Life that may not be immediately obvious.

Clickmaze test cases

Hi All,

I have attached test files which, I hope, are the same problems as on the clickmaze web site.
Hope these can be of use to people.

1) The first one is the same as the example in the problem definition.
2) These where made under linux so the line ending might be a bit short. i.e. not \\r and \\n.

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