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Update to Score Card for Master Problem 1, Masyu Puzzle

Based on a recent inquiry on the Masyu Puzzle forum, the Threading Challenge judges examined the data sets used to test the entries for Masyu Puzzle, Master Problem 1 and all of the submitted Master level entries.

10th problem board after constraints

As a point of interest... my solver was probably unusual in that it applied a "constraint engine" to force moves for which there was no alternative, and to detect impossible situations. This is performed immediately upon problem load and also during the problem search. The attached file (which I think only opens in Firefox and Chrome) shows the 10th contest problem after initial constraint processing -- it is about 70% solved based on the constraint rules alone.

Winners Announced for Master Problem 1 for the Threading Challenge 2011

The judging for Master Problem 1, Masyu Puzzle, is now completed. Thank you for participating and submitting your entries. Our team of judges have put in a great deal of time to test, analyze and judge all of the code and write-up entries. There was a wide variety of coding used by our Master level contestants. Go to the Threading Challenge 2011 Winners Page to see the Master Problem 1 Winners.

P1:M1 Masyu Puzzle Master Problem - Judging and Scoring Criteria & Methods for Selecting Our Winners

Threading Challenge 2011 - Masyu Puzzle, Master Problems 1: Judging & Scoring Criteria and Methods

As of June 21, 2011, we announced the winners for Master Problem 1, Masyu Puzzle. Our group of Judges used the following judging and scoring criteria and methods for selecting the winners. In addition, you will find a link to the testing results and the scores further below.

The Winners of Master Problem 1, Masyu Puzzle, will be announced on Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thank youfor your patience. We apologizes that it has taken us longer to judge the Master Problem 1, Masyu Puzzle entries. We are finalizing the results now and preparing a scoring criteria write-upfor publishing.We will announce the winners of Problem 1 via this forum by 6:00pm Pacific time on Tuesday, June 21, 2011.

Code and Reports

I have put my solver up on Git Hub. I am about to addd my report there plus a jar and the shell script that runs it on the MTL computers. You can find it herehttps://github.com/fmstephe/Masyu-Puzzle-SolverI would love to read the reports from other people for the first challenge.I wouldn't expect it, but if anyone actually wants to read the source I will happily go through and tidy it up with comments etc.

Masyu Puzzle is now CLOSED! Now, the judging will begin.

Thanks to all who investigated or participated in the Master problem, Masyu Puzzle, for the Threading Challenge 2011. Now, our judges will start reviewing the entries and testing the code over the next 10 - 14 days. Look for an announcement for the Problem 1 winners.

Special Notice: Extending the Problem Work Period for Master and Apprentice Problem 2

Special Notice: Extending the Problem Work Period for Master and Apprentice Problem 2

The Threading Challenge 2011 Team will be extending the problem work period for Master and Apprentice Problem 2. In addition, the problem work period for Problem 3 will be changed. See details on the Main Contest Forum.

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