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Anticipated direction info for Media SDK 2015 for Linux Servers

In the spirit of open communication, we've assembled current plans for our 2015 Linux product. This includes some changes in supported Linux distributions and hardware.  

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media sdk2012 h264 decode error

Hi, guys, I use intel media sdk 2012 to decode h264 file, however, it doesnt work, i cant see the output file
there are some errors
DecodeFrameAsync: EXTERNAL : MFX_ERR_MORE_SURFACE (1360)
DecodeFrameAsync: EXTERNAL : MFX_ERR_MORE_DATA (208)

input file: I download from
use YAMB to get raw H.264, just following the instructions in Intel_Media_Developers_Guide

8K H264 decode on Skylake?

Ok, somebody has to ask crazy questions around here, and I guess that has to be me.

It looks like Haswell will decode 8K H264 bitstreams, but with the MFX_WRN_PARTIAL_ACCELERATION, warnings, and quite possibly all in software. Meaning there is a Huge performance drop relative to decoding 4K. [in terms of output pixels/persec or output GB/sec, not FPS]

[I get about 250fps decoding 4K H.264 with Haswell, but about 12fps decoding 8K H.264 with Haswell]

Can Skylake decode H.264 8K (7680x4320) without MFX_WRN_PARTIAL_ACCELERATION?



Using sample decode library, seeing "fatal: failed to find output surface, that's a bug!"

I have a test which opens three h264 files on disk (each of different frame size & frame count) and decodes them simultaneously using three instances of the decoder. The three movies are looped infinitely and after a few hours at least one of the movies stop decoding and I notice while debugging that the problem movie is forever failing to acquire an output surface from because m_OutputSurfacesPool is empty.

Any advice is welcome.


Should I use Intel Media SDK for lowlatency applications?


I work in a university project that develops a high definition videoconference software, and we are searching for options to reduce the bandwidth that our software needs in 1080p and 2160p transmissions.

Today we are using FFMPEG for encode, decode and transcode, making 1080p at 6Mbps VBR with h264. And we have a prototype that makes 2160p at 25Mbps

Hardware decode modify function

I have three problem :
1. When use hardware decode i not video ram, modify use system ram.
2. Close dxva2 putout with EVR.
3. I sure, use filter activex in IE over 4 FullDH crash, other broswer not crash.
e.g :
[rtsp h264] -> [Intel H264] -> [EVR] -> IE crash, other broswer not.
[rtsp h264] -> [  ffdshow  ] -> [EVR] -> all not crash.
crash message : d3d9.dll


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