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Hi Everyone:

We'd like to welcome you to the Havok Behavior Community Support Forum.

This area will be for exchange of information and questions on the Havok Behavior Tool.

As you may know, Havok is providing access to the Havok Behavior Tool - a component of the Havok Behavior product - to game artists and designers for evaluation and education.

root behavior


im doing a behavior for a game skyrim and when i load up my behavior i get this

ANIMATION: Could not find root behavior for project.

now my question is, what is this root behavior? where to i find this in behavior tool and whats the xml version of it?(simplier to find) =P

"asynchronous" hkpWorld::castRay, linearCast, getClosestPoints, and getPenetrations

Hi Forum,

I'm writing a wrapper around Havok and need to clarify what it's meant when the above hkpWorld member functions are designated as asynchronous. I'm guessing that it has nothing to do with getting the results back asynchronously but everything to do with the fact that those methods can be called outside the physics simulation (as a set of one-shot tests that return immediately). Can someone confirm that?

Thanks very much,

ialmrnt/blue screen on Dell Inspiron 700m

I am continuously having a blue screen pop onto my computer that states my hardware is stuck in an infinite loop and is beginning to dump. It displays the error code of "ialmrnt 5" and happens when I am using some sort of media be it music, pictures, facebook, etc.

I heard I need to download a new driver, but do not know how to identify my current driver, find the new one, uninstall the old, and install the current one. Again, I have a Dell Inspiron 700m with Windows XP-Home Edition.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would GREATLY appreciate them!

Thank you!

Problem with .NET Framework, pease help me...

hi everybody, sorry for mi english, im spanish.I have a problem, when I launch havok behavior tool6.5.1appears this error:


Unhandled exception in the application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. if you click quit the application will close immediately.
Attempted to read or write protected memory. This often indicates that there is another memory corrupted.

Terrain basics

Hi, how do I get my character to follow my exported terrain?
The documentation implies that it happens by default but it doesn't in my case.
The terrain is exported as a rigid body. Is there something in the character export that could be wrong?
I can't troubleshoot with the demo terrain since it's in another coordinate system.


Havok Behavior Tool for Game Artists and Designers (6.1.0) - Zip damaged


I have just signed up to try Havok and then downloaded all the files.But when I tried to open the downloaded zip named "Havok Behavior Tool for Game Artists and Designers (6.1.0)" I got from the winzip an error message that states: Corrupted File or Missing some important information.

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