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Provisioning of new Clients


We're replacing our laptop clients with a new model from HP (EliteBook 1040-G1). In total we're going to deploy more than 2500 new clients. The clients provides AMT functionalities, however, we don't want to use it and also the user should not be able to activate it. Therefore, we would like to set a strong password instead of using the default password. Is there a way to change the default password automatically during the staging/provisioning process without manual interaction?

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ByPass the BIOS password from Linux management to Window system

>Hi all.

I want to describe information about my application on Linux management:

Purpose: I want to bypass the BIOS password from Linux system to Window system. Following functional:

 1. Check power State of vPro system:

     + Reference url (

Problem with program's vPro technology via AMT_Implementation_and_Reference_Guide

Hi everyone,

I have been research about small project.


- Power On a computer using Intel vPro chip through LAN. My program at Linux platform remote to computer using vPro chip through LAN. I'm using      'AMT_Implementation_and_Reference_Guide'.

 and I implemented 'Change Power State' computer using vPro chip.It's ok.

Management Engine Interface Issues

Hello all,

I'm not sure if this is the bet place to post this, so forgive me if this belongs elsewhere. I did actually find similar issues mentioned in this forum, but none of the solutions suggested seemed to work for me. Rather than bump an old thread, I thought it best to start a new one. 

Create a local instance of IPS_AlarmClockOccurrence


I'm just trying to create Alarm Clock with wsman utility, but I couldn't figure out how to do it, can somebody help me?
Trying to execute this command:

root$ wsman put -k ElementName"DefAlert" -k StartTime="2014-07-15T22:00:00Z"-k Interval="PT12M" -k DeleteOnCompletion="true""DefAlert" --port 16992 -h --username admin -p "Admin44$" -V -v

I get such response:

How to enable AMT remotely with ACUConfig on Linux and Windows?


we are a physics department at a large German university where we deploy several hundred desktop PCs running both Windows and Linux. We use Intel AMT to perform maintenance and administration of these computers since it helps to minimize the amount of sneaker networking we have to do.

All desktop PCs are DELL OptiPlex machines, ranging from 745 series machine through 755, 760, 760, 780 and up to current machines like the OptiPlex 9080, all these machines support Intel AMT.

Intel AMT: Remote Configuration with Integration in Active Directory


can someone please explain me, how to do remote configuration of Intel AMT PC, integrating it into Active Directory?
Is it possible to do such a configuration with Intel SCS or Open MDTK?

Thank you in advance!


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