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I have the latest version of Java installed but Power Checker quits silently.

Hello all,

My ISV tells me that he is able to start the Power Checker baseline test, but after 2 seconds after pressing start, with about 1/10th of the green status bar showing, the Power Checker quits silently.

The following log file that is generated seems to indicate that it is failing to run the Java runtime:

23-May-2012 09:46:38:Initialize and detect power source successfully

23-May-2012 09:46:40:User clicked Start button!

23-May-2012 09:46:55:Entering Method = DataCollectionThread.run()

Cannot install Intel Power Gadget 64-bit on Asus Zenbook.

Hello all,

I have an ISV who has downloaded the Intel Power Checker on his new Asus Zenbook, but needs to download the Intel Power Gadget to get it working. Unfortunately when he tries to download the 64-bit version he gets an error message saying:

There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.

He appears to be complying with the system requirements. Has anyone encountered this problem, or have a suggestion for a workaround?


How does one Enter the Competition for Power Efficiency Apps?

Over a period of last 1-1,5 Years we've developed and successefully tested our applications for Power Efficiency. All of our apps have been validated and have cleared the Power efficiency test. The applications are listed on Software Partner finder and we're Intel Software Partner Program Premier Elite Partners. I was wondering if anybody could lead me to submitting the apps for Competition.
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Intel(R) Power Monitoring Tool for Android Devices

Intel Power Monitoring Tool for Android Devices is a data profiling tool on Android devices for the power and performance rated data. The tool monitors a minimum set of component-level power-related performance data and is intent to make it easy for Android software developers/engineers to i) identify power/performance related issues by providing online monitoring for the system and a particular app and ii) quantitatively diagnose these issues by providing a logging file.

Check-out Joulemeter from Microsoft Research

Joulemeter provides a software tool to estimate the energy usage of a virtual machine, a computer, server, or software application. It also allows modeling the impact of power management of various components such as the CPU, screen, memory, and storage on total power use.


New Intel Press publication: Energy Aware Computing

Energy Aware Computing
In response to worldwide demand for resource conservation and sustainability, the computing industry is investing heavily in making more energy-efficient computers. In Energy Aware Computing, the authors show that both hardware and software have a role in conserving energy. Drawing on their combined engineering experience, the authors describe how computer systems from embedded systems up through enterprise data centers can save power by making energy-efficient hardware and software decisions at the design stage.

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