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Fatal Contention Problem

There seems to be a fatal problem in DistributeChanges:Camera-Can Make Poisition Changes and Wants to Receive position changesPhysics-Can Make Poisition ChangesGeometry-Wants to Receive position changesnow:Physics makes a position changeCamera also makes a position changeGeometry Receives Physic's Position changeCamera Also Receives Physics's Position change-- BOTH ARE ON SAME THREAD SINCE a Subjects Notifications to observers are serial --ON ANOTHER DISTRIBUTION THREAD (AT THE SAME TIME)- Geometry Receives Camera's Position Change- Geometry Asks Camera's Position (which is being modified o

How do you create new objects?

Lets say the AI system found a suitable target and wants to open fire on it. So it needs to create one or more bullet objects, since the AI's update is a task running on any thread, how do you do that?You cant directly call UScene->CreateObject() or any UObject functions from a System's task...There seems to be a ChangeOccured() function for UScene, but its not used, so i dont know how to use it. Even if i used it, it does pass ObjectType as null to the systems...Any information about creating / destorying universal objects during a system's task would be very much appreciated...

Editor for .cdf files


Could you please point me to an editor you used to edit the scenes (Demo.cdf for example)? It is quite hard to edit the xml by hand and update all the systems for any object added. I see that you have an inhouse osm2cdf converter, Any pointers to how I can edit the osm files? Any help would be greately appreciated.


Architecture flaw?

I've been reading the documentation on this architecture for a while now, and now that I've finally understand how it all fits together, I believe I've found a flaw in it's design.

The docs are rather specific, each system has it's own memory, and each system operates within its own execution state, with minimal interaction with other systems.

At first I thought each system was executed by just one thread, then I realized that the systems can issue sub-tasks, which go into the queue and get executed by whatever available threads.

Unable to build RenderSystem_Direct3D9

Hello Smoke team. I am using Win XP SP3 (32 bit) and VS 2008 to run the smoke demo.I am following the video presented by Omar titled A Step by step approach to build Smoke demo. I have followed the instructions given out in the video.

After building OgreMain and various Plugins,, i am not able to build the final subsystem i.e., RenderSystem_Direct3d9.

Below is the build log..

Systems interconnection

Hello again, Smoke authors and community developers!

This time we're curious to find some good way to let Systems communicate before they're initialized.
Suppose, we have SystemGraphics initialized and created a window at some rectangle.
SystemInput is not initalized yet, but it already needs to know the created window's rectangle.
Thus we just can't use Interface::CSubject::PostChanges() yet.

So what is a good way to post some initialized data when the data is avaiable to an initialized system, but the receiving system is not initialized yet?


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