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Feature details regarding Intel identity services.

We are in a process of evaluation Intel Identity Services ( IIS ) for a large project and we we were not able find answers for following questions. I would be very thankful if some could help us on these questions. 

1) Can users be created inside the IIS via programmatically? That means no end user interactions with IIS and the application creates a user account in IIS without  a password.

2) Can IIS call a rest API exposed via our cloud based application and populate SAML assertions based on the reply return from the API ?

Incident Notification - Identity Service Social Login

We are currently experiencing issues with the Social Login functionality of the Identity Service.

We are actively working on this issue and will update once it is resolved.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you.

Notification: Intel Cloud Services Platform – Location Based Services EOL

What you need to know:
On November 10, 2013, Intel® Cloud Services Platform Location Based Services will reach End of Life.

Who Is Affected?
All developers with applications that use Location Based Services APIs (applications with the base URL 

General Inquire about Which Scope to Use


I am novice developer and I am trying to develop a mobile application in HTML5 that requires to find out in which establishment (restaurante, supermarket) type the user is at. Instead of Google Maps, I wanted to give it a try to Intel Cloud Services but I don't know which CONTEXT SERVICE SCOPE is the best suited for the task described above. Any suggestions?

Thanks for any help, excuse me if thel question is way too general. 


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