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Trying to learn Dialog Box using Fortran

I was trying to learn how to add a dialog box to my 25 year old Fortran code. I was trying to follow along with this guide:


I have this version of Visual Studio:

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
Version 10.0.40219.1 SP1Rel
Microsoft .NET Framework
Version 4.5.51209 SP1Rel

Installed Version: IDE Standard

Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010   01011-532-2002361-70772
Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010

Fortran Compiler Undefined Reference to Main

Hello All,


I am trying to compile CP2K using the Intel(R) Fortran 64 Compiler XE compiler. To optimize my code I have been playing with some of the compilation flags. When I add the flags 

-xSSE2 -no-ipo -fpp -free

My compilation fails with an error

question about simple_decode

hi Intel-giant,

OS: Ubuntu 12.04



Platform:  i5-4570S

     I got the same messages as below in the local machine. Please help to clarify. Thanks

     I have referred to  https://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/intel-media-sdk/topic/543365


I came across the following awkward behaviour:

an argument being used in ACOS function displayed in the debugger shows a value 1.00000000000000 but it resulted an a Nan result.

When displayed as hexadecimal,  the argument shows a value #3FF0000000000001.

A PARAMETER initialised to 1.0d+00 displays as  1.00000000000000 and when displayed as hexadecimal shows #3FF0000000000000.

Module variable not recognised in debugger

I want to look at a module variable, so following the documented technique for doing this, in the Watch window I type


The debugger replies that the variable is not recognised, even though the variable is defined as a PARAMETER in the module and calculations up to that point use its value.
The module is in a separate Fortran file. Is that the problem?

I am using VS 2012 Pro.

Question on registration error



During my registration process for downloading mkl,

I entered wrong e-mail address(non existing email address.)

I got an error, so I tried to register again with my serial number.

But, the message I can see was ".. already registered.." so I could not proceed more.

I'd like to change the wrong email address and register again.

Could you help me??



simple_decode Error! Device operation failure. src/simple_decode.cpp 197

Hi, I tried to run few simple code on Linux CentOS 7, using MediaServerStudioEssentials2015R6. installed following
and try running one example applications in
but emerge some problems~

Question for INDE Media sdk with previous HEVC SW plugin

  • Product version  - INDE Update2 (Media SDK for Windows
  • Platform you are building on – Windows 8.1 64bit  VisualStudio 2013. build for WIN32 enviroment

Hi. now I'm working for upgrading MediaSDK from 2013R3 to 2015 to support  HEVC HW decoding.

However I'm having a difficulty for HEVC SW plug-in loading.

Couldn't find the license at the E-mail

I got the E-mail when my serial Number updated.
Explanation of this E-mail, there is a license in attachment.
but I couldn't find the attachment at this E-mail.

For reference, information of header in this E-mail shows text/html content-type.
normally, in case of E-mail with attachment, information of header in E-mail shows multipart/mixed content-type.

I want to update C++ and Fortran Compiler by offline.
what should I do?

Thank you.

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