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Intel Perceptual Computing SDK

Intel Perceptual Computing SDK est maintenant disponible en téléchargement gratuit. Les développeurs peuvent ajouter des usages informatiques de perception pour créer immersive applications logicielles qui intègrent la main en gros et au suivi de doigt, l'analyse faciale, la reconnaissance vocale et le suivi d'objets 2D/3D sur 2ème et 3ème génération Intel dispositifs ® Core ™ alimenté par Ultrabook ™ et PC. Le SDK inclut des API pour aider à réduire le temps pour le  développement.

Wildes Rumgestikulieren beim Ultracode MeetUp in München

Wir hatten am Dienstag unseren ersten offiziellen Intel Developer Zone MeetUp in München und dank tatkräftiger Unterstützung von BeMyApp Germany eine bunte Mischung aus interessierten Entwicklern, die herausfinden wollten, was wir eigentlich in Sachen Software so alles anstellen.Nach einem kleinen Intro und etwas Marketing Lala meinerseits hat dann der technische Part mit Sulamita angefangen (ach ja, wir haben spontan auf Englisch umgestellt und meines Wissen war es das erste mal, dass ich mit deutschen Fo

Ultimate Coder Challenge Week 7: Now it’s The Judges’ Turn

This was the last week for our Challengers in the Ultimate Coder Contest: Going Perceptual to work on their apps and write up their last blog posting. The work for judges is only just beginning, as they receive the finished apps this week and begin the job of determining which app is the Ultimate in displaying perceptual computing technology. Here’s a recap of what our challengers and judges have been up to in Week 7:

GDC 2013: Interview with Chris Allen of Infrared5/Brass Monkey

At GDC 2013, Ultrabook Community Manager Bob Duffy sat down with Chris Allen, president and co-founder of Infrared5 and one of the Challengers in the Ultimate Coder Challenge: Going Perceptual contest. The Infrared5/Brass Monkey team was at GDC to show off the latest version of their game, Kiwi Catapult Revenge, as well as present on perceptual computing at the GDC Theater and interact with their fellow challengers and judges.

Simian Squared Go Perceptual: Ultimate Coder Week 7

Hello all,

We've had an extremely hectic week but we're still here and Rob's going to talk about doing the sculpty-stuff - before we jump in, just want to say thank you again to Intel for inviting us up to GDC - having the opportunity to meet the Intel team and a fantastic group of developers all interested in pushing the boundaries was great. I managed to introduce PerC (or Percy as we like to call it here) to another developer who is actually rather experienced in a similar area so it should bring about something fun!

-- Rob:

For the app we had two choices,

Ultimate Coder Week 7: How to build the future... slowly

This is my last Blog update for the Challenge and there are only a few days left before delivery. Since the last post, I have been to LA and then flown to Tokyo and tomorrow I'm moving on to Seoul. Life has been busy, but life should be busy. As a lone developer time management and being efficient is very important. Being able to whip up my Ultrabook anywhere in the world and get some work done no matter how short time you have is really essential.

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