Intel IPP 7.1 Crashes on AMD CPU


I am using Intel IPP 7.1 Update 1 for image processing.

I'm compiling the code statically (Single Thread).

When running the code on AMD Phenom II the program crashes.
Yet on Intel CPU it works with no problems.

I know you disable many of the optimizations when running on AMD CPU's, yet I wasn't aware there is no compatibility.

Could you address that?

Thank You.

umc_video_dec_con NV12 scaling

Hello all,

I am using the sample application umc_video_dec_con.exe to convert a h264 video file into nv12.

Using a command such as:

umc_video_dec_con -i myfile.mp4 -f nv12 -o outfile.yuv

works as expected (verifying the output file using third party image/video viewing software).

When I introduce horizontal scaling:

umc_video_dec_con -i myfile.mp4 -f nv12 -o outfile.yuv -r 1918 1080 -k

the output file colours are not correct; it looks like a vertical stripe of nv12 (uv) colour, followed by a vertical stripe of nv21 (vu) colour, repeating.

Memory error in IPP 8.0


I'm working with l_ipp-samples_p_8.0.0.005, umc_video_dec_con, Linux OS. I decode my sample H.264 file: umc_video_dec_con -i test.264 -o dest_dec.yuv When I run it with Intel Inspector XE 2013 Update 9 (build 328075), I have 2 errors:

Uninitialized partial memory access umc_h264_dec_ippwrap.cpp:25; umc_h264_task_supplier.cpp:899 umc_video_dec_con

Uninitialized partial memory access umc_h264_dec_ippwrap.cpp:65; umc_h264_task_supplier.cpp:899 umc_video_dec_con

The source code is 


FAX CED (ANS, ANSam) tone detection


I am working on a project that requires me to detect FAX answer tone (CED) (2100Hz duration 2.6 to 4 seconds).

I created a tone using an online tone generator and fed raw PCM data to 'DetectTone' function multiple times, but it did not detect a tone. I tried initing USC_TD_Fxns with 'USC_ANSs_Fxns' and 'USC_ANSam_Fxns'.

Since this did not work, I did a loopback of the data generated by IPP 'GenerateTone' function the same way as above. I inited the tone generator with (USC_ANSam_Fxns) and generated USC_ANSam tone, with duration 10 and volume 1.

Using Intel IPP with pjsip (PJMEDIA)

I want to use Intel IPP with pjsip to provide support for G.729 audio codec. I'm working on OS K 10.8.5. I found a tutorial here but I think it is outdated because the link in step 2 is broken. And the IPP sample has no readme.htm file what so ever. The steps are quite complex, so I have no idea if those steps would still work for the current version of Intel IPP (8.0).

IPP 8.0 Composer SP1 not recognized under Visual studio

I had ipp 7.1, and upgraded to ipp 8.0. however, ipp 8.0 keeps the ipp 7.1 on my system!Cmake for examlpe recognizes both and you can choose 8.0 afretwards.

The problem is that under visual studio, XE SP1 only shows ipp 7.1 and there is no way to choose ipp 8.0 in VS select build component!

any ideas? thanks

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