MPI Checking

A unique correctness checker does the following:

  • Detects deadlocks, data corruption, and errors with MPI parameters, data types, buffers, communicators, point-to-point messages, and collective operations
  • Able to scale to extremely large systems and detect errors among a large number of processes


  • Access a customizable, full-color interface with many detailed view options.
  • Rapidly unwind the call stack and use debug information to map instruction addresses to source code.
  • Set up batch runs or do interactive analyses with command lines and visual interfaces.


  • Low overhead allows random access to portions of a trace, making it suitable for analyzing large amounts of performance data.
  • Thread safety allows you to trace multithreaded MPI applications for event-based tracing and non-MPI threaded applications.

Instrumentation & Tracing

  • Low-intrusion instrumentation supports MPI applications with C, C++, Fortran, or OpenSHMEM
  • Performance data from parallel threads in C, C++, Fortran, and OpenSHMEM is automatically recorded