The Foglands – Gaslight from Intel Innovators Well Told Entertainment at SIGGRAPH 2017

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The Intel® Software Innovators from Well Told Entertainment show off their VR dungeon crawling, action adventure game The Foglands, Gaslight at SIGGRAPH 2017!

Hey, I'm Sam from Well Told Entertainment. And we're here showing up our game Foglands Gaslight. Foglands Gaslight, it's a post-apocalyptic adventure game. We're really trying to capture that kind of Indiana Jones, shoot first, ask questions later, grab as much loot as you can and get out kind of dungeon crawling. So we're focusing on movement, immersion, and also giving you the opportunity to choose how you explore our world. 

So we at Well Told Entertainment have a big focus on storytelling. And in VR, you know, there's so much that you can do with just the conveyance within a scene. And so we wanted people to seamlessly be able to explore a world that's in RIP, the foglands. We want you to feel like you're fighting for your life. And so that was kind of the thesis for the game. We've added on a lot of layers of combat, items, looting-- kind of these things that make games fun, and have for years, and bring that into VR as just a tight, seamless experience. 

We've been actually developing this demo for six months, and we're finally about to release it. We're going to put this demo on And also, release it for the public on Reddit. You can download it, play it, give us your feedback. And we'll be at Early Access, hopefully this fall. The game will be releasing sometime after Christmas. And I hope you guys get to try it. 

Something that we're just really excited to be a part of in the next few years, is kind of this growing movement of social experiences in AR and VR. And that doesn't necessarily mean MMOs or multiplayer shooters, but games that allow you to take breaks together in a space. You know, have shared moments of down time, and then go on adventures. We're really looking at bringing an experience like that into this IP, into Foglands, and letting people collaborate in ways they never have before. 

Being a part of the Intel Innovator Program is kind of like being part of a really big family. I get calls all the time from people like, hey, come do this game jam somewhere in New York. Hey, I've got a job that you need to work on. We love working with innovator teams. And as somebody that really is responsible for finding business, it's a great place for us to kind of coordinate those efforts, and keep growing. 

So we love being a part of this program. The hardware is great. We love being able to tinker with the cutting edge of Intel products, and we just couldn't be happier being a part of this family. So thanks for taking a look at Foglands. Again, we love being a part of this innovator program. And we really encourage you to go check out our game, and a bunch of other really cool projects at Thanks again. 

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