Analyze a KVM guest OS running on your system.

GUI Equivalent

Analyze KVM guest OS option in the WHAT pane


-analyze-kvm-guest | -no-analyze-kvm-guest



Actions Modified



Analyze a KVM guest OS running on your system. For successful analysis, make sure to do the following:

  1. Copy these files from the guest OS to your local file system:

    • /proc/kallsyms

    • /proc/modules

    • any guest OS’s modules of interest (vmlinux, any *.ko files, and so on)

  2. Specify a Linux target system for analysis using the target-system option.

  3. Configure your VTune Amplifier analysis target by using thekvm-guest-kallsyms, kvm-guest-modules, and search-dir options to specify paths to the files copied in step 1 for accurate module resolution.

  4. Configure your collect-with by using theknob ftrace-config=<events> option to specify Linux FTrace* events tracking IRQ injection process.


Enable a custom hardware event-based sampling collection for the KVM guest OS and collect irq, softirq, workq, and kvm FTrace events:

> amplxe-cl 
    --target-system=ssh: user1@ -collect-with runsa -knob
    –knob enable-stack-collection=true -knob ftrace-config=irq,softirq,workq,kvm
    -analyze-kvm-guest -kvm-guest-kallsyms=/home/vtune/[guest]/kvm.kallsyms
    -kvm-guest-modules=/home/vtune/[guest]/kvm.modules --search-dir
    sym:p=/home/vtune/ --target-pid 9791
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