To access this pane:

In the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE, click the pulldown menu next to the Open VTune Amplifier icon () and select Options:

From the standalone VTune Amplifier interface: Click the menu button and select Options... > Intel VTune Amplifier version > General.

The following options are available:

Use This

To Do This

Application output destination options

Choose the location for the output of the analyzed application:

  • Product output window: Direct the application output to the Application Output pane in the Collection Log window.

  • Separate console window: Direct the application output to a separate console window (default).

  • Microsoft Visual Studio* output window: View the application output in the Microsoft Visual Studio* output window. Use this option to see the output during the analysis.

Remove raw collector data after resolving the result check box

Enable/disable removing raw collector data after finalizing the result. Removing raw data makes the result file smaller but prevents future re-finalization.

Display verbose messages in the Collection Log window check box

Enable/disable detailed collection status messages in the Collection Log window. Make sure to re-open the result to apply this change.

Specify path to the adb executable field

Specify the path to the adb executable used to access an Android* device for analysis with the VTune Amplifier.

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