It is possible to collect data on a virtual machine for analysis with Intel VTune Amplifier. In most cases, VTune Amplifier is installed on the guest system using the installer user interface or command line installer. The data collection and analysis with VTune Amplifier is run on the virtual machine. For KVM and XEN Project*, the analysis is run using Perf*-based event-based sampling collection. For all other supported VMMs, it is run using the installed VTune Amplifier drivers. For more information about supported virtual machines and cloud service providers, see Targets in Virtualized Environments.


Intel VTune Amplifier may not run if it is not installed on a non-privileged guest OS. Refer to the documentation for your VMM to learn how to set up a privileged system.

Installing VTune Amplifier on the Host System to Analyze a KVM Guest System

You can collect analysis results for a guest system from VTune Amplifier installed on a host system if you are using KVM with a Linux* host and Linux guest. In this scenario, you would install VTune Amplifier on the host system using the installer user interface or command line installer.


Symbols from the user space cannot be resolved by VTune Amplifier. Therefore, you cannot profile an application that is in the guest system from the host system.

Enabling Analysis on the Virtual Machine

Additional steps are required to enable performance analysis on the virtual machine.

Not all analysis types and data can be collected on a virtual machine. Availability of data depends on which collectors are virtualized by the virtual machine manager. Additional information is available from Targets in Virtualized Environments and from the documentation for your virtual machine manager.

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