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Want to add Touch capabilities to your app? Here is your source for code samples to help you interface with Windows*8. In addition, learn how to implement GPS, gyroscope, NFC, ambient light and other sensors. Whether your app runs on desktop, tablet or the new Ultrabook™ convertible platform you’ve come to the right place for resources. Code samples are available to help you with both Windows* Store or Windows* 8 Desktop apps.

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Sensor Explorer
Touch for Windows Store
Data Encryption

Accessing Microsoft Windows* 8 Desktop Sensors
By Kyle Weicht (Intel)Posted 02/14/20130
Visual Computing Source Dashboard Samples Accessing Microsoft Windows* 8 Desktop Sensors Accessing Microsoft Windows* 8 Desktop Sensors Intel Corporation Features / Description This sample demonstrates ho...
Accessing Microsoft Windows* 8 Desktop Sensors
By Kyle Weicht (Intel)Posted 01/28/20131
Download Source and Article Download Windows*8 Desktop Sensors Code Sample [zipfile 4.5MB]Download Accessing Microsoft Windows* 8 Desktop Sensors[PDF 577KB] Abstract This sample demonstrates how Windows 8 Desktop applications can use the sensors that are available in Intel® Ultrabook™ PCs and t...
Touch Terrain
By Egor Yusov (Intel)Posted 12/26/20123
Visual Computing Source Dashboard Samples Touch Terrain Touch Terrain Intel Corporation Features / Description Dynamically deformable terrain has long been a desired feature of game developers. Ultrabooks...
Sample Application: Intel® Smart Connect Technology Monitor
By Tom Propst (Intel)Posted 12/14/20121
  Abstract This sample demonstrates the concepts explained in the blog by Gael Hofemeier at The blog discusses what Intel Smart Connect Technology is and how applications can take advantage of it by de...


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Sample Application: Near Field Communication (NFC)
By adminPosted 09/28/20121
Abstract This sample application shows how to use the Windows* 8 Proximity API for NFC (Near Field Communication). The Application is written in JavaScript*. The application first advertises the device via NFC and then finds the peer device to connect. After the device connects to the peer device...
Sample Application: Wi-Fi* Connect Manager
By adminPosted 09/28/20120
Abstract Provide a Windows* 8 Sample that uses the Windows.Networking.Connectivity API. The Sample app communicates to the Wireless Network such data as connection type, connection speed, and connection data bytes as well as connection availability. This sample app will have four communication to...
Sample Application: Camera API
By adminPosted 09/28/20120
Abstract This sample application shows how to use Windows* 8 Capture API in a Windows Store app. The application sets up a preview stream and allows a user to adjust different properties of the camera (Brightness, Contrast, Hue, and Focus). It can also take a photo snapshot with user-specified ca...
Sample Application: Data Encryption
By PENG W. (Intel)Posted 09/28/20120
Abstract  This is a sample application that shows how to create a Windows 8 store style application that encrypts the data on your device.  It uses the new Windows 8 Runtime Crypto APIs and it is written in JavaScript.  This application asks users to select file (video, picture, etc.) and encrypt...


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