Migrating Apps from the Intel® HTML5 Development Environment Beta to the new Intel® XDK and App Dev Center

Steps to back up applications from Intel® HTML5 Development Environment Beta:

1) Launch the Beta Site from http://software.intel.com/html5 and sign in using your credentials. It is now called the “Legacy Beta Environment” – click on the “Launch now” button

2) Enter into editing mode through “start editing” button.

3) Select the workspace you want to back up

4) Right click on the workspace folder and select download folder (or alternatively select File>Download Folder option)

5) This will download a zip file for your entire workspace. Unzip this file to desired folder on your local machine. Each individual app and the folder structure is preserved in the workspace folder.

6) To migrate your apps in your workspace follow the steps to upload app into Intel XDK for each of your applications.

Steps for using the Intel® XDK and App Dev Center:

1) Visit HTML5tools-software.intel.com or from software.intel.com/html5, go to the ‘HTML5 Development Environment’ and click on ‘Get Started Now’ to get to the App Dev Center



2) If you already have an account with App Dev center, login using your credentials.

If you do not have an account with App Dev center, create a new account.

If you have an account with Appmobi, please ener your email address and you will be prompted for one time registration with Intel’s tools.


3) Once you login you will be taken to the Control Center of App Dev Center


4) To start an new app Click on “+ Start a new app”



5) To upload your existing apps,

First download the Intel XDK. Click on the Dev Tools tab and “Download Intel® XDK”


At the bottom of the browser you will be asked to keep the XDK.jnlp file. Press “keep” and the Intel XDK will be downloaded.


6) You will be asked to login to the Intel XDK. Use your login credentials that you used to sign up for App Dev Center and the Intel® XDK will be launched.

7) Add your application. Click on ‘+’ button on Upper left corner of the Intel® Select Project type

8) Select Project type

9) Select Project name

10) Select your project folder for your existing project from your local machine through “browse” button

This will register your project into the XDK and your project will be available in the XDK project selector as well as in the App Dev Center’s Control Center.

This method creates a folder for this app under Intel XDK folder with your username prefix. And points to your existing app folder through redirect file.

Note: An alternate way to transfer your existing app is to create your app using above steps but without pointing to your existing app folder. During the project setup do not browse to your existing app project folder. This will simply create a blank project for you. You can then manually copy your files to the project folder under Intel XDK folder.

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