Intel® Perceptual Computing Showcase

3D Head Scanner

Andres Martinez
United States

A system to generate a complete 3D mesh and texture of the user's head. Delivered as a Unity project to be integrated into games and 3D apps. A Unity developer can use this project to create a personalized avatar character for a game. Or it can be used to export a 3D model for many other uses such as 3D printing.

App Specifications

Using Unity and the included plugin the project communicates with the camera to get all the real-time information necessary. Most of the work has been invested in the intelligence of the capturing workflow. Processing algorithms to improve depth readings, others to manipulate texture colors, and others to manipulate the 3D face. A generic 3D hairless head was used as the starting point. And a few hair styles were modeled to provide the final touches to the scanned head.