Intel® Perceptual Computing Showcase

BYOI - Build Your Own Instrument

Charles Dietrich
United States

A collaboration with musicians and composers to build gesture-based musical instruments by interfacing with Supercollider via the OSC protocol. The musicians were able to use the instruments to produce simple melodies.

App Specifications

We use the oscpack library to generate OSC messages by the camera program. These messages are received by Supercollider. We wrote software in Supercollider to access the OSC messages and generate control signals for the Supercollider synthesizer. The camera program is a modified version of the gesture viewer program, and we sometimes made use of the display capabilities of gesture viewer. The modified gesture viewer program was developed in Visual Studio 2010. Supercollider provides the interface to modify the instrument. While playing the instrument, there is an auditory interface and a console that displays the note being played and the amount the note is flat or sharp.