Intel® Perceptual Computing Showcase

Cheese! - A Fun Photobooth

Martin Wojtczyk
United States

Cheese! is a fun Photobooth and Photobomber application. The main menu of Cheese invites the user to select one of several fun photo scenarios. It may put your own image next to the one of a super star or your childhood hero. It allows you to create a fun comic experience with comic effects or put funny objects on or around your face. When ready say "Cheese!" and the smile on your face will trigger the picture. The PerC SDK and the depth camera provide speech recognition in Command & Control mode, gesture recognition, and hand tracking, face detection as well as the color and depth streams for image segmentation. Furthermore the newly introduced background segmentation feature was used to cut out the character in front of the camera from the background. The code was implemented within the MS Visual Studio 2010 IDE. Many C++ classes of the Qt Toolkit have been used to implement multithreading, the user interface, file access, thread to thread communication, asynchronous program execution and animations. Qt Designer was utilized to create the application's form layouts. The iPad application Paper was used to draw some of the graphical assets. The GNU image manipulation program (GIMP) was utilized to fine-tune and edit most pictures and graphical items. OpenCV was utilized for several image manipulation and conversion steps. CMake is used to find the necessary dependencies (Qt, OpenCV, PerC SDK) and to create an initial MS Visual Studio 2010 project file. Find- and configuration scripts have been implemented for CMake where necessary to find the Intel PerC SDK headers and libraries and to set the proper compiler flags.