Intel® Perceptual Computing Showcase


Philipp Drieger, - digital arts

CUBEFLOW is an application to create and explore complex, motion-based volumetric structures interactively in realtime 3D. The main purpose of CUBEFLOW is primarily intended to be a creative tool for visual arts and procedural content creation. Acting as an environment for generative arts CUBEFLOW allows for multiple applications that reach from interactive visual performance to the creation of complex 3D models. We used Unity3D (PRO license) with MonoDevelop to develop all necessary functions and implement the interaction model in C#. The surface reconstruction algorithm is based on the well-known marching cubes, but is optimized and modified for our special demands. We integrated Intel Perceptual Computing SDK as a Unity3D plugin just like in the Unity3D framework sample provided with the SDK. For content creation (2D graphics, textures) we used Gimp, for 3D modeling we used Blender.