Intel® Perceptual Computing Showcase

Death Drive

Tarun Kumar

Death drive is one of its kind game which is a unique combo of action and racing. Game Story: Player is one of the best FBI undercover agent who is assigned a mission to save the fellow countrymen as terrorists have implanted bombs in different cities throughout the country. FBI spies have managed to get the deactivation codes of bombs but player need to get these codes from different cities, one by one. But it is not an easy ride, terrorists are girded with weapons to kill him at the first glance.In this deadly chase for deactivation codes, his strongest weapon is his car and he can chose from a deck of 12 high octane cars. Highly detailed graphics, immersive environments, appropriate sound effect and intuitive gesture controls enhances user's gaming experience and he feels the adrenalin rush of true action and racing at the same time. Will cater to both casual gamers, looking for an easy to master and fun to play additive game as well as serious gamers looking for real action and racing.

App Specifications

  • Unity 3d engine
  • Blender and Max
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • PC SDK

Content overview

  • 3d models of seven tracks along with textures
  • 3d models of 12 cars
  • 3d models