Intel® Perceptual Computing Showcase


Stefan Sadchikov

The application is a music synthesizer that will allow to create drum sounds using gestures and head tilts, playing "imaginary drums". User's hands (hand cursors) are rendered on the screen along with the drums, which may be selected from the slide-menu (all musical instruments are configured via external file and can be added and modified at will). Instruments are played when hand cursors collide with them (cursors are tracked after user's hands). Rythm bar for each instrument is displayed on the center of the screen and may be written to external file (as text). All controlls over the application are performed with gestures - Moving instruments around, adding new ones, navigating drum menu, recording tracks.

Tools and Technology

  • OpenGL; FreeGLUT
  • STK (Synthesis Toolkit) with RtAudio and raw samples
  • GIMP - used for drawing textures for the app

Development Tools

  • Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate x64
  • Microsoft C++ Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition