Intel® Perceptual Computing Showcase

Finding BBB

Lin Yun Fan

It is a brand new game experience -- PSG (Perceptual Social Game). By leveraging Perceptual computing technology, it is an immersive social game, which allows players to experience between reality and virtual world, human and machine as well as interpersonal. It is an interactive multi-player 3D social game by leveraging PerC, synchronizing with real-world information, (ie, weather/day & night), as well mapping their face into the characters. LBS and AR technology are included into the game, in order to bring brand new experience of game playing. Users can invite their facebook friends to accomplish the PerC mini game together, so that to integrate PerC interaction with real life social interaction.

Tools and Technology

  • Unity3D Game Engine: Visual Studio 2012
  • C#, C++, Javascript languages; NGUI Plugin to design UI interface
  • .NET to design game server
  • Maya, 3DsMax for 3D modeling and animation making
  • Used Protools HD to edit music and sound effects.

Development Tools

  • RPC Remote Procedure Call For Game Server
  • Weather Server API(Get Weather info)
  • Visual Studio 2012
  • Intel VTune(performance testing).