Intel® Perceptual Computing Showcase

Fluid Motion Physical Object Control

Abhinav Aggarwal, Fluid Motion

The Fluid Motion Physical Object control allows the user to control any connected physical device with her hand gestures. For example a user can control a model helicopter/ drone by using his hand gesture. Here the helicopter is wirelessly connected to the same device to which the Intel Perceptual camera is connected. This allows the user to naturally control the copter for instance by moving her hand up the helicopter will rise, by moving her hand left the helicopter will turn left. The user could also draw an aerial flight plan which the drone/helicopter to follow. The Fluid Motion Physical Object control can also be utilized to control other physical objects such as automated window blinds or automated doors and windows. In essence any physical hardware or object which can be connected to a computer can now be controlled by gestures by utilizing the Fluid Motion Physical device control.

Development Tools

  • C# using Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Micro controllers were coded in Embedded C
  • WinAR Drone Library.