Intel® Perceptual Computing Showcase

Head of the Order

Jacob Pennock
United States

This is a gestural spell casting game. Players face off tournament style and use gestures to create magic spells which they can cast at each other or defend themselves with. To cast a spell, the player will raise a single finger, and draw a stroke based gesture which corresponds to a particular spell. Beyond single stroke based gestures, the game features a deep level of gestural interaction. After creating spells, they can be juggled from hand to hand, tossed, or combined in various ways. Players can also perform specific sequences of multistroke gestures to cast more elaborate spells. We want to give the player the feeling that they are learning how to do magic. It highlights the possible depth of gestural interaction and it's effect on emerging gameplay mechanics, as well as provide as much enjoyment for the player as possible.

Tools and Technology

  • Unity
  • License a number of 3rd party add ons from the Unity asset store; Editor AutoSave
  • PlayModePresist v2.1
  • Spline Editor v1.01
  • TCParticles v1.0.9
  • HOTween v1.1.780
  • nHyperGlyph v1.5 (our custom stroke based gesture recognizer)
  • 2D Tool Kit v2.10
  • Ultimate FPS Camera v1.4.3