Intel® Perceptual Computing Showcase

Home UI

Yosun Chang
United States

Let's users place furniture on select floorplans, including features to walk-through (and place). Uses hybrid mouse-select and move for precision with hand position controls for changing from various states and head tracking for summoning an extended screen. Context-aware motion-gesture UI also implemented. Use it to design your home, put furniture where you want it and visualize how things might look when re-arranged.

App Specifications

Middleware Evaluations

  • I am using Unity.

Development Tools

  • I am also using MonoDevelop.

Content Overview

  • Art/Audio Assets: Furniture assets. I quickly designed the floorplan of a box-like apartment unit in 3ds max, and extruded walls, etc. No sound, since this is a productivity app and everyone is listening to Spotify anyway on their earphones.