Intel® Perceptual Computing Showcase


KAGURA - Your dance creates music and graphics

Shunsuke Nakamura, SHIKUMI DESIGN, Inc.

This application creates music and graphics by detecting user's motion. Users don't play the musical instruments, they just move their body parts, and play music and produce graphics. It generates new ways of performing music with visual effects. You can also change your voice to a musical instrument, arrange the tempo of music, and where to put the sounds on the screen. The base system (like I/O of devices, image processing, sound processing) are written in C++, and the contents (like graphics, sounds, motion, effects, and interactions) are written in Lua. This App uses default audio device, and sampling frequency is 22050Hz. OpenGL to used to draw all graphics.

Tools and Technology

  • Visual Studio
  • C++ language
  • Eclipse
  • Lua language
  • Intel Compiler
  • OpenCV