Intel® Perceptual Computing Showcase


Yakov Sumygin

Digital sculpting software. With the help of Intel Perceptual SDK and Camera it will allow to user to sculpt 3D meshes by bare hands, as in real life. Users will use their hands to naturally model 3d objects and allow to save result into popular 3d formats - currently obj and 3ds are planned.

App Specifications

  • Prototype is based on my proprietary Glow3D engine ( . Mesh editing is based on voxels, it allows to make Constructive Solid Geometry and mesh edition easily. Currently editing area is 512x512x512 (with voxel size 1 ) but it will be bigger later. Mesh generation is based on Surface Nets.
  • Middleware - mostly Open Source, plus Intel TBB to handle jobs. Engine is heavily multithreaded, so it adapts easily for number of CPU cores. DirectX is used for rendering.
  • Engine and prototype was developed on Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.
  • UI is based on Open Source IMGUI middleware with improvements - 3D ui, easy in use and fast enough.