Intel® Perceptual Computing Showcase


Florian Rappl

Visualizing data is very important for the scientists and engineers to understand the behaviour of the systems they work on. In this way features can be quickly identified and modifications applied. For 2D data intuitive display is possible in a straightforward way and manipulation has never been more intuitive than with a touch screen. 3D data has to be projected on the screen and has to be translated and rotated to be percieved as 3D and intuitive manipulation is not possible with mouse and keyboard or touch at all. This prototype evaluates the possibilities of using 3D gesture input to intuitively interact with 3D data and manipulate it with the example molecular structure data which is important e.g. in biochemisty.

App Specifications

  • WPF, C#, XAML, Team Foundation Server.
  • Helix Toolkit and MahMetro.
  • Visual Studio 2012.
  • Standard XAML / WPF designer.