Intel® Perceptual Computing Showcase


Mystic Blocks

Matthew Hoban
United Kingdom

Puzzle game which takes a steady hand, quick reactions and a good memory.

You are presented with a lock and a key, the key may only be a basic shape at first, a cube perhaps, you must rotate the key with hand gestures until it matches the approaching locks.

Many locks will pass, you must remember the sequence since the second time around you will not be able to see the shape of the approaching lock, if you can successfully repeat the sequence you may progress to become the mystic blocks champ!.

You can alter the view to get a better look at what is approaching by moving your head side to side or up and down.

Planned features include face and voice recognition, the game will recognise who is playing and allow that player to continue with their progress. voice commands may also be used to speed up or slow down the game, allowing higher scoring if you can handle the speed.

Good luck, the challenge awaits.

App Specifications

Tools and Technology

  • AGK(App Game Kit) by TGC(The Game Creators), Tier 2 C++ library for rendering
  • NVIDIA's PhysX SDK to handle collision detection and physics

Development Tools

  • Visual Studio 2010(Microsoft)
  • Photoshop(Adobe)
  • 3D World Studio(Leadwerks)


  • Art assets for prototype will be sourced from royalty free image websites and reworked in Photoshop. Asset placement editor utility program will be used to prototype user interface designs.
  • Audio assets will mostly be place-holders for prototype, sourced from websites such as