Intel® Perceptual Computing Showcase


Larry Tu
United States

Percep-Chess allows the user to play chess as they would in real life by utilizing the Perceptual Camera, but with special effects that enhance the experience. The player picks up the chess pieces on-screen by pinching with their fingers and moving accordingly (still in progress). Swiping right and left with "The Big 5" (open palm) allows the player to redo or undo a move, respectively. Swiping up and down allows the player to change the theme of the camera, which include color, depth, infrared, label, and UV maps. By moving the user's palm in a circular motion, the camera angle may be changed from front to side view. By holding up "The Big 5," fire appears from the user's fingertips. Similarly, green sparks emit when "Peace Sign" (two fingers up) is signaled. When using "thumb up" (one finger up), circles appear. Move "The Big 5" rapidly back and forth to restart the game.

App Specifications

  • Unity, Blender, Maya, 3D Modeling