Intel® Perceptual Computing Showcase

Perceptual Kitchen System

Jason Carter
United States

Perceptual Kitchen System is an order management System and recipe reference for use in restaurants. It will allow workers to view orders, mark Orders as Complete and provide access to a reference of recipes on the menu through gesture commands removing the potential for contamination of the workers hands from touching Keyboards or touchscreen monitors and the mess that brings as well.

App Specifications

I am using C# and VS2010, I was trying to make a WPF or Windows Forms application, but I was not able to get the camera to initialize in a WPF project. I was able to get the camera initialized in Windows Forms, but it locked the UI... I'm a Web and Mobile app developer so WPF and WInForms isn't really my thing. I learned of the contest in Mid January so I decided to create a C# Console application given the time I had remaining. I was able to add gesture support, but was unable to get voice Recognition working. Got SDK Beta 3 and voice recognition is now working.