Intel® Perceptual Computing Showcase

Perceptual Museum Exhibit

Nancy Hoffman
United States

Museums are great institutions for learning, but often restrict patrons ability to truly interact with items because of the fragility of artifacts. The Perceptual Museum Exhibit would immerse users in the tour experience through a virtual CG rendering of artifacts, allowing them to interact and learn about priceless art, ancient artifacts, science, nature and more. Use your eyes, hands and voice to have an multi-modal experience never before possible, opening the wonders of the museum experience to a wide range of users inclusive of the disabled. Exact replicas of artifacts can be "handled" and viewed from every angle via the virtual representations.

App Specifications

  • Unity3D asset and tool packages to accelerate +development (GUI/interaction, asset management, code samples, etc.)
  • Database middleware and asset store management for simplified storage and retrieval of 3D and 2D assets.
  • 3D scannining capture and automation such as 123D Catch or PhotoModeler.
  • Assistive tools for voice recognition and commands.
  • 3DS Max for 3D asset creation and modification.
  • Photoshop, Illustrator et al for 2D asset creation.
  • Visual Studio (C#) for secondary development as needed.

Art/Audio Assets:

  • interface graphics
  • Video assets for instructions, information, etc.
  • 3D assets for interface elements
  • 3D assets derived from scans, as content for users to manipulate

UI Wireframes:

  • Wireframes and UX design for simplified, gesture-focused prototype.
  • Refined wireframes and designs for multi-modal multi-input prototype.
  • Final wireframes and designs for release package(s).