Intel® Perceptual Computing Showcase

Perceptual Pet

Jason Dorris
United States

This application builds on the concept of interaction with a 'virtual pet', but explores the rich interactivity and feedback made possible through the Perceptual SDK. The user creates and becomes familiar with their virtual pet, maintaining parameterized attributes (such as hunger, happiness, discipline, health). The pet's stats are stored and persist between sessions, so that long-term care and development become a part of gameplay, creating a sense of attachment between the user and the virtual pet and encouraging long-term replayability.

Tools and Technology

  • The app is built in the latest version of the Unity3D development environment (4.2), written in C# on a Mono implementation of .NET. 3D assets are created in 3D Studio Max and Maya 2014. Textures and GUI components are developed in Adobe Photoshop.

Development Tools

  • Unity 3D.