Intel® Perceptual Computing Showcase


Yosun Chang
United States

The best way to experience primitive geometry in the third dimension. Beyond the 2D graphing paper, reach in and grab (close your hand) to pick up and examine various pencil-graphite-textured 3D primitives -- from the Utah teapot to the icosahedron. Once in close-up 3D mode, motion-gesture rotate your cupped hand at different angles, then let go (open your hand or mouse down) to select another. Multi-modal so that you can also voice dictate the name of the primitive object you want to see up-close to quickly load another object; up-close, you can also dictate ROTATE or FREEZE to auto-rotate or still the object.

App Specifications

  • Only what is needed, including Wolfram Alpha API for geometry data.

Middleware Evaluations

  • I am using Unity.

Development Tools

  • I am also using MonoDevelop.
  • Content Overview (what art/audio assets, UI wireframes or audio might be needed to creative your prototype)
  • Art/Audio Assets: Various 3D object primitives. Maybe some audio.
  • UI Wireframes: 3D objects placed on graph paper