Intel® Perceptual Computing Showcase

Shoes Hunting

Yang-Sheng Chen

The app is a fast foot dimension measurement system to provide useful information for selecting a pair of comfortable shoes. The foot measurement system uses the Creative* Interactive Gesture Camera to obtain 3-D foot data at different view angles. We then implement a fast and reliable automatic registration method to reconstruct a 3-D foot model. Based on the reconstructed 3-D foot model, we compute the foot dimension measurements for shopping shoes online. Both customers and business runners can benefit from our system.

Tools and Technology

  • The main tool is using AR tags to get the camera position and we also using this toolkit to calibrate the camera. Besides that, we use this tool to combine multiple depth images. For image processing, we use OpenCV to process RGB and Depth images. For 3D visualization, we use OpenGL to show the 3D point cloud. For user interface(UI), we developed an easy-to-used MFC™ UI to end user.

Development Tools

  • Visual Studio 2010
  • C/C++ language