Intel® Perceptual Computing Showcase

Space Between

Justin Link
United States

Space Between is a 2D puzzle game based on voice commands and gesture sets found within Intel's Perceptual Computing SDK in which a player communicates with, guides, and teaches a creature in an abstract virtual world. The goal of the game is to progress and survive in the world as long as possible by showing the creature how and when to perform certain actions as well as watching and listening for cues the creature gives the player. The creature will learn to associate gestures and voice commands with game actions and will perform them on its own unless otherwise dictated by the player. In addition, the player will be able to perform actions within the environment using traditional input devices such as a mouse and keyboard. Using musical tones and sounds, the creature can communicate with the player. The player must learn to respond to these communications as they will be vital clues to solving puzzles within the world. The hybrid of voice, gesture, and traditional input modalities as well as the unique mechanic of two way communication between the player and creature creates a unique experience that both highlights the functionality of Intel's Perceptual Computing SDK and gives players an experience not currently found in games today.

Tools and Technology

  • Game Engine - Unity3D
  • 2D Art assets - Photoshop
  • Audio assets - Mixed and mastered in Pro Tools 10
  • Music and creature dialogue created with Omnisphere
  • SFX created using various sample libraries.

Development Tools

  • NAudio libraries to import MIDI files into Unity3D.