Intel® Perceptual Computing Showcase

Tangential Designer

Justin Eslinger, Rabbit Hole Creative
United States

The application allows a user to customize products placed on a multi-touch surface and interact with them in real-time. For example, you can take a white shoe and place it on a multi-touch table. By using a fiducial marker placed underneath the shoe, we can detect which product it is and load up the product's data. Two projectors located on either side of the table will project the color and designs onto the product that the user can customize. With Intel's sensor, we would like for the user to be able to pick up the object and see their custom product in their hands. This can be used by companies and educational institutions. For companies, we can bring a custom design tool to consumers to order products. For educational facilities, we can inspire people to explore objects in a 3D environment.

Tools and Technology

  • For the multi-touch surface, CCV 1.5 was used with 3 PS3 cameras stitched together. One short throw 1080p projector was rear projected on a 66"x36"x3/8" acrylic sheet with Screen Goo white rear projection paint. A 1080p projector was pointed at the table from above on both sides of the table to help occlusion. The Creative Interactive gesture camera is mounted above the rear projector in the center of the table. We created a standalone tool to save out point cloud data sets for use in Meshlab. The shoe model was stitched together and textured in ZBrush.

Development Tools

  • Microsoft VC++ 2012
  • VC# 2012; Unity 4.2
  • NGUI (2D interface)
  • Mindstorm's (Unity3d-tuio) (touch input from CCV).