Intel® Perceptual Computing Showcase

VR Car-Ace

Kurosh D. F.

VR Car-Ace is a single/multiplayer racing game played with a virtual steering wheel. It uses color tracking for real time tracking and a modular approach where the game app is separate from the controller app. A shell script "Launcher" app runs both apps simultaneously. The mouse cursor is controlled by the tracking(controller) app and controls the in-game steering. Visual feedback is provided on screen to check for tracking failure and marker going offscreen. The game uses the modalities of marker/touch/mouse/keyboard. Marker is the preferred modality for this game because it gives the user a REALISTIC driving experience as compared to the other modalities. Currently tested with a 1.3 Mpixel VGA 640x480 integrated webcam, which has limited video clarity at the extremes of the field of view. The prototypes are robust enough, and factor in the limitations of built in webcams, using filters and other smoothing algorithms.

App Specifications

  • Processing 1.5 was used to develop the controller app, using the PXCUPipeline dependencies of the Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK.

Development Tools

  • 3D game engine

Art/Audio Assets

  • 3D DirectX objects, sprites, ambient sounds and title music