Intel® Perceptual Computing Showcase

vR Drums - Intel CREATIVE Camera + Oculus Rift Integration

Kel Elkins
United States

vrDRUMS is a unique, interactive virtual drumset that lets users play the drums with their hands while sitting in an immersive and interesting 3D environment. vrDRUMS combines the finger tracking functionality of the creative camera + SDK with the immersive capabilities of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. To experience vrDRUMS, the user puts on the virtual reality headset to see everything in 3D, immersive virtual reality. Instead of simply looking at a drumset on a computer screen, the user can look around and see the drumset surrounding them. This gives a better sense of the location of the various drums, and makes the user feel like they are actually sitting at a drumset. To play the drums, the user holds out two fingers and strikes the drums as you would in real life - swinging your hands down. Combining these two immersive/interactive technologies creates a unique and engaging experience for the end user. Additional instructional features can be activated to playback prerecorded rhythms - highlighting which drums to hit and in what order. The user can then try to mimic the computer to learn the new drum rhythm. The user can also select multiple environments - from a suburban garage practice space, to a full stage. These features can be controlled with voice commands using the voice recognition capabilities of the camera, so the user doesn't need to take off the Rift headset or fumble around for the keyboard/controller.

Tools and Technology

  • vrDRUMS was built in Unity, combining the Intel Perceptual Computing SDK with the Oculus Rift SDK. All scripting was written in c# using the default Unity script editor. Autodesk Maya was used for 3d model creation. Adobe Premiere was used to edit sound files.

Development Tools

  • Oculus Rift SDK
  • Unity Game Engine