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This package provides an interface to Intel(r) proprietary services available for applets usage.


Interface Summary
TimerClient This interface should be implemented by applet while creating a TimerManager.Timer in order to receive timer ticks notification.

Class Summary
AppletEvent The class provides access to data delivered with the event to EventClient.
Calendar This abstract class provides methods that applications can use to create their own notion of time.
DebugPrint This class uses the ME Debug Event Service (MDES) mechanism to send debug messages over various interfaces such as the network, HECI, and more.
EventClient This class should be implemented by the applet and registered with the EventManager using the register method in order to receive event notifications from other applets.
EventManager This class allows applets' registration for receiving events as well as posting events to other applets in the system or the native layer/application.
FlashStorage This class exposes flash storage access APIs for the applets.
IntelApplet This is the base class that must be inherited by all applets.
MTC This class provides an interface for applets to access the Monotonic Counters feature.
PlatformCapability This class provides the applet with ability to query various platform capabilities and configurations.
PlatformId This class represents the IDs configured on this platform during the manufacturing process.
TimerManager This class allows timers creation and management.
TimeZone This class represents a time zone and provides a method to calculate the time zone offset from GMT.

Exception Summary
AccessDeniedException Represents an exception thrown when an application does not have permission to perform the requested operation.
FileNotFoundException Represents an IO exception thrown when trying to perform flash operations on a non-existent file
FlashWearoutException Represents an IO exception thrown when the the flash wearout mechanism blocked the flash write or erase operation.
IllegalParameterException Represents an exception thrown when one or more of the input parameters passed to a method are invalid.
IllegalUseException Represents an exception thrown when an operation requested by the user is not supported, or the flow of several operations created by the user is illegal.
IOException Represents a general IO exception.
NotInitializedException Represents an exception thrown when the object being used was not initialized properly.
UtilException Represents a general utilities exception.
UtilOutOfResourcesException Represents a util exception thrown when the action requested by the user cannot be performed due to a lack of resources in the system.

Package Description

This package provides an interface to Intel(r) proprietary services available for applets usage.

This package contains the following key classes and interfaces:

  • Calendar class - provides time configuration services to applets.
  • MTC class - provides the Monotonic Counters services to applets.
  • DebugPrint class - provides debug prints services to applets.
  • FlashStorage class - provides flash access services to applets.
  • EventClient, EventManager, AppletEvent classes - provide access to inter-applets events functionality.
  • TimerClient, TimerManager classes - provide timer services to applets.