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tag_tuner< Range, Partitioner > Struct Template Reference

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Public Types

typedef Range range_type
 A tag tuner must provide the type of the range, default is no range.
typedef Internal::no_tag_table tag_table_type
 A tag tuner must provide a tag-table type; default is no tag-table.
typedef Partitioner partitioner_type
 The type of the partitioner.

Public Member Functions

partitioner_type partitioner () const
 return a partitioner for range-based features, such as parallel_for
bool preserve_tags () const
 return true if tag memoization is wanted; returns false by default (with no_tag_table)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from tuner_base
static int myPid ()
static int numProcs ()
template<typename Ctxt >
static int numThreads (const Ctxt &ctxt)
 returns number of threads used by scheduler in given context

Detailed Description

template<typename Range = Internal::no_range, typename Partitioner = default_partitioner<>>
struct CnC::tag_tuner< Range, Partitioner >

Default implementations of the tag-tuner interface for tag-collections Use this if you are going put ranges. Optional argument is a custom partitioner. Ranges don't work with memoization (yet)

Definition at line 489 of file default_tuner.h.

Member Function Documentation

partitioner_type partitioner ( ) const

return a partitioner for range-based features, such as parallel_for

See also:
default_partitioner for the expected signature of partitioners overwrite partitioner() if it doesn't come with default-constructor or if the default constructor is insufficient.

Definition at line 502 of file default_tuner.h.

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