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INS: Instruction Object


 Instrumentation API
 Generic inspection API
 Inspection API for IA-32 and Intel(R) 64 instructions
 Generic modification API


BOOL LEVEL_CORE::INS_IsCacheLineFlush (INS ins)
BOOL LEVEL_PINCLIENT::INS_IsAddedForFunctionReplacement (INS ins)

Detailed Description

An INS represents an instruction. Can only be accessed at instrumentation time.

Iteration idioms:

// Forward pass over all instructions in bbl
for( INS ins= BBL_InsHead(bbl); INS_Valid(ins); ins = INS_Next(ins) )
// Forward pass over all instructions in routine
for( INS ins= RTN_InsHead(rtn); INS_Valid(ins); ins = INS_Next(ins) )

Function Documentation

◆ INS_IsAddedForFunctionReplacement()

BOOL LEVEL_PINCLIENT::INS_IsAddedForFunctionReplacement ( INS  ins)

Return TRUE if ins is not an original instruction in the application, but is an instruction added by Pin for doing function replacement. Pin allows you to even instrument these non-original instructions in JIT mode.

Mode: JIT & Probe
O/S: Linux, Windows & macOS*
CPU: All

◆ INS_IsCacheLineFlush()

BOOL LEVEL_CORE::INS_IsCacheLineFlush ( INS  ins)
TRUE if instruction causes cache line flush