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REGISTER_SET< _min, _max > Class Template Reference

Public Member Functions

 REGISTER_SET (UINT32 first, UINT32 last)
REG Min () const
REG Max () const
BOOL Contains (REG reg_no) const
VOID InsertVector (REG reg_no, UINT32 vector)
VOID InsertAll ()
VOID Insert (REG reg_no)
VOID Remove (REG reg_no)
VOID Clear ()
VOID Invert ()
REG PopNext ()
REG PopNextFast ()
UINT32 PopCount () const
BOOL PopCountIsZero () const
UINT32 HashKey () const
REGISTER_SET operator| (const REGISTER_SET &b) const
REGISTER_SEToperator|= (const REGISTER_SET &b)
int operator== (const REGISTER_SET &b) const
int operator!= (const REGISTER_SET &b) const
REGISTER_SET operator & (const REGISTER_SET &b) const
REGISTER_SEToperator &= (const REGISTER_SET &b)
REGISTER_SET operator- (const REGISTER_SET &b) const
REGISTER_SEToperator-= (const REGISTER_SET &b)
STATIC std::string PrintRange (REG start, REG stop)
std::string Dump () const
std::string String () const
std::string StringList () const

Detailed Description

template<UINT32 _min, UINT32 _max>
class REGISTER_SET< _min, _max >


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