What's New in SDK 2016 R2?

The SDK 2016 R2 introduces or extends the following features (highlights, not a complete list):

See Working with Camera SR300 for camera model SR300 support details.
See Working with Camera Model R200 Enhanced for details of the camera model R200 Enhanced mode to improve the color sensing quality.
See Working with Peripheral Devices for how to work with peripheral cameras.
See Hand and Cursor Tracking for how to use your hand(s) as a cursor for computer interaction. Introduced in SDK 2015 R5, this feature was a preview special mode in the Hand Tracking module. In SDK 2016 R2, the feature is matured to be a dedicated module.
See Face Tracking and Recognition for programming the face tracking and landmark detection features in your Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications, for camera model SR300.
See Person Tracking for the Person Tracking algorithm that tracks a person's bounding box location, skeleton, and also performs face recognition.
See Object Recognition for the enhanced Object Recognition algorithm with a larger object database.
See Depth Enabled Photography and Videography for the redesigned Enhanced Photography interfaces, focusing on scalability and extended configurations.
See Windows Hello and Application Interruptions for handling interruptions from other applications accessing the camera.
See NativeTexturePlugin for updating Unity Texture2D using graphics API Direct3D*9, Direct3D*11 and OpenGL*2.0 on Unity 5.2.3p3 or higher.

See the SDK release notes for additional details on the features and known limitations.